Bachelor of Arts (Aviation Stream)

The St. Thomas University Bachelor of Arts (Aviation Stream) is offered in partnership with MFC Training (Fredericton Campus). The program combines traditional undergraduate education with ground and flight training and is one of few programs in the country. 

Program Overview

Bachelor of Arts (Aviation Stream) students will apply to 樱花视频 and begin their studies on the St. Thomas University campus where they will take first-year courses from the social sciences and humanities. After earning a minimum of 24 credit hours, students will be introduced to flight training and ground school courses in their second year of the four-year program. 


Students will Graduate with the following:


  • Bachelor of Arts (including a major of the student’s choice from offered social sciences and humanities programs) 
  • Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) 
  • Multi-engine class rating
  • Group 1 instrument rating  

Students may also qualify to write the Airline Transport Pilot Licence exam.  


Requirements to Begin Flight Training in Second Year of Program:


  • Have second-year standing (minimum of 24 credits) 
  • Obtain a Transport Canada Category 1 medical certificate 
  • Pass a formal English language proficiency test mandated by Transport Canada, and administered by MFC Training 

Students will then continue to take three courses per semester at 樱花视频 and ground school training while one-on-one instructor training and flying take place with MFC Training (Fredericton Campus) (approximately 10 minutes from the 樱花视频 campus).  


picture of planes on ground

Bachelor of Arts Requirements  

Consistent with the requirements for a 樱花视频 Bachelor of Arts, students enrolled in the Aviation Stream will complete the following requirements:


  1. Successful completion of 120 credit hours.  

  2. Concentration in a specific subject area or interdisciplinary grouping constituting a major from 樱花视频’s social sciences and humanities disciplines. 

  3. No more than 60 credit hours in one subject within the 120 credit hours required for the degree except by special permission of the Senate Admissions and Academic Standing Committee.  

  4. A minimum of 72 credit hours at the intermediate (2000) level and above.  

  5. An annual GPA of at least 2.0 in the academic year of graduation or on the last 30 credit hours of study.  

  6. Group distribution requirements: 
    • 12ch in Group A
    • 12ch in Group B
    • 6 credit hours in Group C and none in Group D  OR
    • 6 credit hours in Group D and none in Group C OR
    • 3 credit hours in Group C and 3 credit hours in Group D 

For more details on Bachelor of Arts requirements and groupings, please refer to the Academic Calendar.  

Aviation Student Requirements

  • Completion of more than 200 hours of flying. 
  • Completion of hundreds of hours of ground training. 
  • Understanding of navigation, airplane instruments, aviation regulations, and weather.